How to outplay a block

As a mother of 3 boys, who all play high level cricket, you can imagine I have developed a little interest in the sport! With the new season starting in a few weeks time, the boys were watching a replay of the final test match between England and Sri Lanka last year and I caught a few overs of it. It then struck me how that match was in fact quite like our journeys in business.

We start with great passion, conviction and energy. We succeed in get those early wins and they buoy us along as we continue the journey. Then all of a sudden without warning or reason, we hit a block – whether it is a physical block, as in England’s case of a batsman blocking everything, or a mental block, we just can’t seem to move forward as quickly as we could before. The journey becomes quite tough, we are doing the same things we were doing before but now we aren’t getting the same results.  We are still offering the same products or services or like England bowling really well, but we just aren’t making the breakthroughs we need to get to the next stage.

It’s at times like these that we need to seek out support because although we think we can do everything ourselves, sometimes we really do need a little help. That help can come in the form of a prep talk with the manager, a coach or even a colleague. We are guided to look at the game a little differently. We then see that things around us have changed but we hadn’t noticed as we have been so busy working in the business.  The batsman has got his eye in and can now play each of those great deliveries. We have a few gaps in our strategy or offerings and by making a few sometimes quite small changes we then make the breakthrough we want! We outplay our opposition and start making the in roads needed again to secure our path to victory!